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    javascript in text field on PDF




      Can anyone help with a javascript for this scenario:


      I have a full length line of static text which is set in indesign, at the beginning of the line sits a dynamic text form field, within this field we have the following javascript that makes the text within the box dissappear when end user fills in the field.


      var message = 'final/balloon payment'

      if (event.value == '') {

          event.target.display = display.noPrint

          event.value = message

      } else {

          event.target.display = display.visible



      PROBLEM (see link) -  The text field when complete leaves empty character space until the static text begins. Is there any way the complete line can be dynamic? So it looks a complete line with no white spaces???




      thanks in advance, note I am not a coder, i found the existing script online.