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    UI lag in Photoshop CC

    Chris Beatrice

      When using rt-click to bring up sub-menus (e.g. the brush preset list when painting), there is a growing lag before the panel appears.  At first it appears instantaneously, but after doing this several time eventually there is like a 1-2 second delay. I click, then a 2x2 pixel block appears (the upper left pixel of the panel)... then a few seconds later the full panel. This is a BIG PROBLEM when trying to paint on a deadline.


      This happens in all the versions of CC I have installed (2015 and 2017, with the latest update). CS6 is fine, no problems at all. I have tried all the various performance tweaks, working with a small set of brushes, changing the list to text only, etc. Nothing helps (except restarting PS). I have also noticed when I resize this panel it is choppy (legacy elements, etc.) This may be related.


      This is super frustrating! How can a robust piece of software like Photoshop that does so much have a problem with something as mundane as this?