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    Ps 2018 Brush Lag [Surface Pro 4]


      I have reset all my preferences. Just the other day I was painting on Photoshop just fine. Today it's really laggy, the stroke doesn't follow my pen (Microsoft surface pen),

      instead, I'm drawing (with the brush tool) and nothing it showing up until I release the pen, then it shows all my strokes. I have smoothing set to 0 and everything else is default. I use the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Please help, I have my digital painting class next week and need to figure this out soon.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          What is the image size?

          What is the brush size and spacing?  A very large brush with minimal spacing (5%) puts more load on your computer.

          Do you have other applications running?

          How long as Photoshop been open?  It might need its cache purging

          Do you have sufficient space for Scratch files? Check the root of your primary Scratch drive for orphaned Photoshop temp files.  They can be many Gb in size, and sometimes get left behind clogging up the drive.  Anything that does not have today's date can be deleted.


          We'll try and attract some SP4 users to the thread so you know what to expect in terms of performance

          JJMackChuck Uebele

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            Sethx33 Level 1

            So I figured it out. Not photoshops problem, it was my pen running low on charge.