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    Photoshop suddenly changed?


      Hey guys- I downloaded photoshop onto my computer on tuesday, and the layout was what I'm used to in photoshop. The dark gray background, everything in one window/tab. Up until around 4:00 this afternoon it still looked like that, but then as I was working on an animation, it started to get very slow, lagging, and not responding to my tablet. I tried to quit, but it froze, and I had to force restart my computer. I waited for about half an hour before coming back to it, then restarted my computer and tried to open the file I was working on before. I can no longer open it, as it says it is 'not a valid photoshop document'.


      On top of that, the entire layout has changed. The color scheme is now white and pale gray, and the area where I would draw is now a separate window in a different tab that is not attached to the actual photoshop area. I have no  idea now this happened, or why. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, do you know how I can change it back, or at the very least why it occurred?


      Image for reference:


      I appreciate any help I could get, thank you.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          If the computer crashed before you saved, then the document is gone forever.  That's why we save regularly.  In fact we even save large projects to different file names, because if your system freezes part way through a save, then that document will almost certainly be ruined, for ever.


          If Photoshop seems to be messed up, then reset Preferences.  If that does not fix it, then reinstall it, but run the cleaner tool after the initial uninstall.


          Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems

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            megankmk Level 1

            Thank you Trevor- I did save the file, which is why I still have it in my folder and was able to try re-opening it. I had saved it twice once it was seeming laggy, so it was definitely saved before everything froze and I had to restart. It's saying it is not a valid document, but it is allowing me to open the other document I have that I was working on a day earlier.


            I will attempt resetting my preferences and reinstalling if it doesn't work. Hopefully that will put it back to normal.


            If anyone knows why the layout of Photoshop suddenly changed after it crashed, I'd still be curious to know, so that I can avoid it happening again in the future. Thank you.

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              megankmk Level 1

              It worked! Thank you very much! It looks like when it crashed it just changed my preferences or reset them or something.