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    Apply menu attributes in child pages



      I have been using muse for a while and got stuck in this problem:

      I would to use the top page menu as main categories, which are constantly marked with color, even when the user is on the child page. I made here an example:

      As you can see, A is constantly pink, in its normal state. I would like A1, A2 , A3 to be so as well.

      B is constantly green, in it's normal state. I would like B1, 2, 3 to also be so.


      I have tried to change the menu type to "all menus" but I am not interested in the drop down menu that appears. Given that it is a conlicated website, I want the user to know where he is, when visiting a child page.


      Any advice on how I can keep the attributes on the child pages?



      Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 22.26.23.png