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    I Can't Import Images from Scanner and Technical Support Does Not Exist

    Carol237 Level 1

      I have Windows 10, and when I try to import an image the only option is to use Windows' WIA (Windows Imaging Application).  Photoshop will not recognize my Canon scanner. Upon googling I have learned that this is not an uncommon problem.


      The  WIA dialogue box is beyond horrific and it is crazy difficult to even find settings except for 300ppi in BITMAP format. Changing the default to 600ppi and .tiff or .jpg? Not a prayer. Both Canon and Microsoft have told me that Adobe has intentionally set it's default preferences this way, and only Adobe can change them. The Canon guys told me that Adobe does this to protect itself from piracy.


      It would be nice if Adobe could do something about this. It would be even nicer if there were links to chat technical support (I wouldn't dare try a phone call). The ones in the Support section literally bounce back and forth between two pages.


      I've spent hours and hours on the phone and in chats with Canon and Microsoft. Somehow, they have technical support. Adobe? Nah, it just pretends to.