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    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

      How long have those little applets been hiding there in the bottom right corner of a post window?  If I'm told that they have always been there, I might just give up as I am obviously becoming past it.

      They are really useful.  You can only user them when replying to an existing post, and I don't know how the 'Mention' one is populated, but this is what I see.  Some of those are obviously forum regulars, and people I interact with and swap PMs, but I don't remember jackies37726291.  By clicking to add any of those users, we know they will be sent an email notification, so it's a quick and easy way to request a person's input.

      !App triggers this pop-up, and I am nervous about clicking on the links.  Do other people see the same thing BTW?

      Search and embed an image appears to check the Wikipedia page for the search term, and show all the images from that page, so not a great way to look for visual content.  I was half afraid it would search Adobe Stock, and charge me for any images I clicked on.

      This is what Form brings up.  I tried Create a New Form, and the next page was not in any way intuitive, but there are help pages so it could conceivably be useful.  But unless the form generated is interactive with fields other folk can fill in, we'd be better using Photoshop or Excel InDesign etc.

      This stayed on my screen for about a minute before I got bored and gave up.

      So !App is not very useful, but @mention certainly is.