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    Datagrid itemeditor issue

      I have a 2 datagrids that are bound together so that if you click on an item in the top, it shows up in the bottom. They are in a vdivided box and the box is in a custom panel. I have a combobox item editor in the "parent" datagrid, however when i click on it it disappears before i can make a selection. Has anyone had similar issues with an editor in a datagrid?
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          Rob Rusher Level 1
          Without seeing the code, I'm only guessing, but...

          On the datagridcolumn, try setting the itemRenderer="mx.controls.ComboBox"

          This will show the ComboBox all of the time. Once you get it working this way, try it just as the itemEditor.
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            dkit04 Level 1
            I took a look at that, it gives me an error saying there is no default value. I'm guessing that's because i use the information from that combobox to be entered into an array collection. If the combobox doesnt close, i cannot access the value selected.

            Anyway, I messed around with the heights and widths which i had set at 100%. It seems to be a problem here. If I select a static number rather than a percentage it works, but i want the percentage so when i resize my custom panel, the grid sizes with it.