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    AMS Server causing File Explorer issues; safe to remove?

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      This post is a continuation from the post at AMS Server causing File Explorer issues, safe to turn it off? . (jeromiec83223024 (Staff) said I should continue in this forum.)


      Copying from / Summing up the above link:


      When I put my computer to sleep, with File Explorer windows open, and then wake it up, sometimes (not every time) the File Explorer Folder List (the left-hand pane, NOT the right-hand contents pane) will jump up and down every few seconds, and Task Manager shows Explorer at the top of the CPU time. I have noticed that the jumping appears to be caused by AMS Server, which blinks in and out of the Folder List, as if the computer recognizes it is there and then does not and then does again and then does not and etc etc etc. When this occurs, sometimes killing and restarting Explorer from the Task Manager fixes it. When this does not fix it, I have to restart the computer.


      Please note that this is not related to issues out there dealing with Windows themes or colors that auto-change, as the issue is on the LEFT side of the File Explorer (the folder list), not the right side (the contents). Also please note that this issue occurs only when I have File Explorer windows open and then put my computer to sleep and then wake it up later--and even then it only happens occasionally, but when it does happen it's very annoying. Also please note that through some testing, I have found that this occurs on two different Windows 10 computers, a tower and a laptop, from two different brands, with the very latest updates (Windows 10, version 1709), so I highly doubt this has anything to do with drivers. Also, I have noticed that this AMS Server thing (from both PCs) shows up on my Sony Bluray player's list of sources, so it is clearly advertising this AMS thing across my home network.


      jeromiec83223024 suggested I uninstall AMS. However, I don't know how AMS got installed, and furthermore it is not a program I can even select to uninstall from either PC, that is, it does not show up in Control Panel / Programs. (Therefore, the Adobe Media Server Help | Uninstall Adobe Media Server link does NOT help.) On both PCs, I installed various Adobe CC programs, and I am assuming therefore that something in one of those programs auto-installed AMS. Perhaps Premiere Pro or After Effects or Media Encoder? I can imagine those programs "wanting" AMS available, since they deal with images and/or video. And please note that I did NOT install Animate CC or even the previous Flash CC packages, so even though AMS seems related to Flash, the only directly Flash-based program I have on either computer is the free Flash Player... In any case, I have no options to uninstall AMS, but I do have options to remove the two devices (AMS Server, AMS Renderer) via R-click on the devices under Devices and Printers.


      I don't know what is causing this problem, but I'd be happy just removing those two devices. However, I want to make sure if I do that, that my CC image/video programs will continue to work!