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    Adobe Is Blocking Me Using Photoshop.  Why?

    andrewp65557179 Level 1

      About two weeks ago I keep getting an error message that my adobe photoshop CS6 software is not genuine.  It was purchased in 2012 legitimately and when activated as done so through Adobe support.  A copy of the message from Adobe is underneath this question.

      I contacted the number on this message twice when answered was told it was the wrong department, they transferred me and I was on hold for over an hour each time without anyone answering when I gave up.  On the third time I requested a call back from the 'proper' department but never received one.


      I then contacted live chat (It is still open after four hours) but no-one responds.

      Troubleshooting through adobe help/contact I found the most relevant department phone number on 1800 614 863 and again the consultant said it was another department.  I pleaded with him not to transfer me as there was no point as nobody answers but he transferred me anyway and after 30 minutes of no answer I gave up.


      The serial number indicated in the messages as not genuine software is not the same as the serial number that I purchased or that is recorded in my account on adobe photoshop.  I guess I have two questions.

      1.  Can anyone tell me how I can fix this problem?

      and if not

      2.  Can anyone give me a number at adobe that someone can actually assist me?





      The Adobe software you're using is not genuine.


      How did this happen? Non-genuine software is often sold by unauthorized resellers or auction sites. Computer resellers sometimes install it on their hardware. Resolve this issue by buying genuine software that's reliable, secure, and supported by Adobe.





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      Questions? Speak with an Adobe customer care representative.

      1800 875 573    |    Your ID: 402K8Q01VF



      ProductSerial numberLicensing statusTampered software
      AcrobatPro 10.************************************Fail
      Illustrator CS6***********************************Fail
      InDesign CS6***********************************Fail
      Photoshop CS6***********************************Fail


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