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    Issues with eyes when head turns


      Hi guys


      Ive added Head Turner to my puppet. My frontal profile works fine but when I activate blink on the other profiles the blink doesn't hide siblings and also the eyebrows don't respond. I cant see any difference in the set up between my Frontal folder and the other profile folders in my head group and I'm now completely stumped. They have worked fine in the past but Its decided to stop working and now I cant fix it. Please help.

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          dianebecerra Level 1

          What exactly does your puppet's structure look like? might be something simple to fix that you might just be overlooking. Could be the placement of a group/folder or maybe it having or not having the "+" symbol in its name. The structures can get a lil' confusing to keep track off if you have numerous profile groupings with several children groups within them. Not to mention your triggers/behaviors/handles and such can break if you made name or structural changes to the puppet outside of Ch or might even be overlapping, causing them not to work as expected when you try to use them.

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            JCK1 Level 1

            Thanks Dianne. Turns out I just needed to restart and it started working properly again. Thank you so much for taking the time to help.