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    Before I start coding an RIA project...


      in a couple of month, I'll start working on a personal project. I have the main idea since a long time in my head but, I'm still looking for the right tools to develop it. Right now, I have always work with Flash and never use Flex, but have done some research on it. I have see some nice Flex project but still have some issue with it!

      So far, the only advantage I have see from Flex is that you can embed a web page... so here some question:

      Why file size is so big compare to Flash (around 130kb)?

      Most of the Flex apps are looking the same so, I am wondering if we can do everything or we have to follow a pre-defined template?

      Can we do everything in Flex that can be done in Flash?

      What is the best tool for RIA, if I am going to code mostly everything myself?

      Is the preloader can be skinnable so it not look like it is a Flex apps?

      What is the best quality of Flex?

      Here is one Flex interface I really like: http://www.sliderocket.com/index.html

      Is someone have some nice Flex layout to share, it wiould be nice to see!

      Thank alot for helping me
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          ntsiii Level 3
          1) The flex Framework code.The benefit is lsee coding for you.
          2) The app can look anyway you want. It is just easy for non-designers to just use the Halo skins.
          3) Essentially. It all SWF, running in the Flash Player.
          4) ?
          5) yes
          6) Depends. One is a classic, application centered development process and methodology. No "timeline", "frames", etc. there are others. Google will get you a lot of discussion.