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    How do I use my code to call the export file(html5) to control the animate?

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        First,I would like to introduce myself.I am a front-end web developer from Taiwan.My English is not really good,so if you can't understand what I said,tell me the detail to let me know what words let you understand.


        I started Adobe Animate cc just for few days.I think I can use it to learn html5.


        My question is "How do I use my code to call the export file(html5) to control the animate?"


        It means,when I finished the animation.I want to add this animation to my website(I watched this video Adobe Animate CC: Add to HTML web page (Updated Version) - YouTube  to know how to merge my codes).


        Now,I would like to use a plugin,such like Scroll Magic to control the animation's frame(you can see this example[ Image Sequence - Examples - ScrollMagic  ] to know how the scroll magic  control a parameter to his purpose) .I want to control the export file to control the animation's timeline with my other funtion is my codes,such like controling the animation to stop.when I scroll 100 pixel.


        I have no idea to do this.because I can't call the inner code's frame.


        I tested a idea that is using my code to control the animation.When the animation begin after 1 second,it stoped in the frame 7.This is not use Adobe Animate Inner code.It is use my js to control.

        this is the way I had tride:

        In Adobe Animate CC.I declared a global function which is


      globalFunc= function(stopFrame){};


        and then add a scirpt in a timeline's frame,it's code is:


      var _this=this;



        And then I export the files.change the htmls.add my js code:


         var tmpTime = setTimeout(function() 
         }, 1000);



      It worked. the animation stopped in the frame 7 after one second.So,I could use this way to control the animation's parameter.But you know.It's not a good way.

      and not my purpose.Because It stared after one second. I want it execute immediately.


      So If I want to use this way. I must find out where the animation's first initial place to add "globalFunc(7);".
      I am not familiar with CreateJS.So I tried a lot of ways,I still could not find out.


      But it is not the best way to control the animation's parameter.If you have a better idea,tell me,thanks.