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    removing of specific color

    samuels2952206 Level 1

      Hi, i'm pretty new to photoshop and i don't know how to remove a specific color, it's a picture that has ben drawn on in messenger or snapchat , i have tried using the spot healing brush tool and almost succeeded in removing the red color, however the text behind the red color also gets removed 95% go the time

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Your decision to describe the problem verbally but not actually show the image in question seems unfortunate to me.

          Please post the image or a meaningful screenshot.

          Also: What exactly do you mean by »remove« – do you want actual transparency or just another »background«-color? 

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            Birgit Pohl Level 2

            There are several options to manipulate colors in a picture.

            If you have a picture tgat contains a color that you don't want on a specific place, but you want it in another place then you might try out selecting the area that you want to correct first before starting the color correction.


            Make quick selections in Photoshop


            Try out the selection tools and then color correct it.

            Try  out the tool you already have used. But you can also try out selecive color correction.


            Here is some inspiration.


            Search results for color correction - Video Tutorials


            If it doesn't help, please show us your picture. Maybe we can help specifically with that.

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              samuels2952206 Level 1

              [Image with potential personal data visible removed]

              disregard the black/blue paint job, it is to cover my personal information. the problem is that underneath the red "dot" are numbers, i need to remove the red without removing the numbers behind, i'm pretty sure that it was facebook which was used to add the red but not certain. so far i have managed to remove the red and be left with partial numbers.

              any help would be greatly appreciated

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                davescm Adobe Community Professional

                Sorry but this is a single layer file and there is nothing "under" the red. You can take away the red pixels and replace them with pixels of your choice - but you can no more remove the red pixels and see what is "behind" them than you can remove a tree from a photo and see who is standing behind it.

                Incidentally - the blue painted area is incomplete and the data underneath is still readable.



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                  c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                  Changing the red to the pinkish background could be done with the Clone Stamp Tool for example.


                  But the red appears to be solid and completely occlude the numbers, at least I could not detect meaningful residual data in the Channels.


                  Like davescm mentioned if there are Layers the issue might be easily resolved but from this image alone the numbers do not seem to be reconstructable.

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                    Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Images in this thread relate to the alteration of official identity documents. Discussions of illegal activity are not tolerated.

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