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    How to unlink FM files in Robohelp and retain the HTML files and folder structure?

    gaurav21vartak Level 1

      Hello there,


      I have a Robohelp 2017 project with multiple FM projects linked to it. Recently, we decided to keep only the WebHelp output and do away with the PDF outputs. So, I need only RH as source. However, as it stands right now, there are hundreds of HTML files and images that are currently used in the RH project (imported from the linked FM files).


      Is there a way in which I can unlink the FM files and retain the HTML and image files that were generated as a result of the linked FM files; as well as retain the folder structure so I can add new HTML topics to the folders?


      Or do I have to create a new RH project and import all the files there? Kindly advise.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          It is not clear why you need to change anything from what I read.


          You had a RoboHelp project with its own content plus linked Fm files. From that you generated both WebHelp and PDFs. Now you don't need the PDFs. That would suggest you just stop generating the PDFs from RoboHelp and nothing else needs to change.


          Maybe you were you generating those the PDFs from Framemaker? If that was the case, you could again just leave things as they are and create only the WebHelp from RoboHelp.


          If you no long want to use Framemaker, it depends on whether the content there will change in the future. If it will not, then again, you can leave things as they are. If the content will change and you want to edit in RoboHelp, then you will need to unlink the files and import them instead.


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