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    Character Animator puppet does not display when exporting video via Media Encoder



      I'm new to the product and am trying to export a test movie for the first time.

      I've created a puppet in Illustrator, imported to Character Animator 2018 , recorded a scene and have selected Export video via Media Encoder.

      In Media Encoder I've selected the H.264 option and can see the puppet on a black background in the Export Settings window. After Clicking OK to close the Export Settings window, I click the Start Queue button to begin rendering the movie. However the puppet does not display in the small preview window and when I play back the completed movie, only audio is present and the puppet does not display.


      My ultimate goal is to import a static PSD background, record several small scenes of my puppet in Character Animator, export as mp4's, and import those into a project I'm working on (into either Lectora and/or Captivate).


      I'd like to learn why the puppet does not display when rendering in Media Encoder and get advice on whether this is the best way for me to proceed. (should I import to After Effects first ?)


      Thanks in advance for your help and I look forward to your responses.