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      Hello, my name is Carlos and I am having difficulty trying to figure out why I wasn't sent a trial ending email. If I was sent a trial ending email I would've canceled it before it charged my account. And now I am having to pay $81 for a product that I didn't want to use anymore because I was put into a contract that I wasn't told about on the billing date. If I was told that my account was charged on that day, I would've been able to cancel it before the 14 days were up and get my refund and remove me from that contract but I wasn't informed. Another problem I am having is that when I called customer services. All 4 times I was charged a $1 and yet I was not helped. No one picked up, I was waiting on the phone each time for approximately 30 minutes. I want out of this. I want my refund. And I don't want to be charged $81 just to cancel it and now be able to use it after the date of Jan 18th. It's highway robbery.


      Please respond, I need to talk to someone about this because this isn't right for me. I have loans and books that I have to pay out. And that charge for cancellation is just not right.

      Carlos Pujols

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Most of the people responding here are users, just like you, and can't really help you out. I've informed the Adobe staff of your request and you should be contacted by someone shortly. However, only trust posts by people who have the "STAFF" tag under their username. There are plenty of scammers around here who pretend to be from "Adobe Support" and try to get you to take over their computer via Skype or provide sensitive information which they can later abuse, so be careful!

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            Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

            Hi Carlos,

            Cancellation of subscription after 14 days of purchase has a cancellation fee, maybe some of you still have to cancel due to the following reasons:

            1. Moving to another country

            2. Moving to CCTeam from Individual CC or vice versa

            3. Duplicate purchase by accident.

            4. Been provided a complimentary subscription from office or institution.

            In such cases, please tweet us at @AdobeCare or contact-bumper

            We will assist you.



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              Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

              You need to read small print before committing: your contract is what you sign not what you hope. 14 days is not a Free trial. There is a free trial, which is completely free and you give no credit card. It is 7 or 30 days depending on product. If you pay instead you give up your free trial.


              The 14 days is for when you commit to a year. You still have 14 days to cancel. This is a special deal, not a trial, and you DID commit to the year. No reminder is sent, just like any other “right to cancel” deal.


              (not speaking for Adobe)

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