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    Synchronization of the file "xxx" has not been completed in adobe cloud but synchronized and secured in Lightroom CC



      I have been thrilled about working with Lightroom for many years. At the beginning of November 2016 I signed up for a CC subscription and migrated my 56.000 pictures and videos to the cloud. The migration was successful with only minor errors (metadata)

      Since there is no exact description of the synchronization processes between Lightroom CC Cloud Lightroom CC Classic, I had the following goal.

      ------------- 2017-11-13T13:40:07  -------------

      Info :  : AgMigrateSessionStagesHandler:dispose() : Before Logger Close

      LogCount:Error -> 0

      LogCount:Warning -> 0

      LogCount:Info -> 112

      LogCount:PhaseInfo -> 155

      LogCount:Details -> 128

      LogCount:TotalWrite -> 395

      Closing Logger

      ********** IMPORTÜBERBLICK ***********

      migratedAssetsCount: 58615

      migratedCopiesCount: 0

      migratedPersonsCount: 163

      migratedFacesCount: 33525

      migratedAlbumsCount: 10

      migratedAlbum_assetsCount: 3209

      migratedStacksCount: 3

      migratedStack_assetsCount: 6

      migratedStack_albumsCount: 0

      ********** FEHLERCODE UND ANZAHL ***********

      facesProcessingUpdateError: 9

      albumReparentedWarning: 5



      ------------- -----------------------

      • 1. Lightroom CC Classic Local folder with original images before migration c:\My Lightroom
      • 2. migration of images to the cloud (Manifest)
      • 3. in LR CC under > Edit Preferences > Local storage location for originals c:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom CC\Data
      • 4. After the migration (Manifest) all original images can be found on the local disk in the folder c:\Usersxxx\AppData\Local\AdobeLightroom CC\Data\ and in the Cloud
      • 5. Now I deleted the original pictures and the catalogue of Lightroom CC Classic. Otherwise, the pictures are stored twice on the hard disk.
        • a. Deleting the folder c:\My Lightroom
        • b. Create new catalogue in Lightroom CC Classic
      • 6. in the Lightroom CC Classic under Edit >> Preferences >> Synchronize Lightroom
        • a. Storage location for images of the Lightroom CC ecosystem: s:\My LightroomIn Lightroom CC saved images
        • b. Use subfolders formatted by shooting date

      In Lightroom CC, all photos and videos from the cloud should now be synchronized back to the local hard drive.

      After that, you could change the settings in Lightroom CC so that the originals are only in the cloud and then synchronized as a backup back to the local hard disk in the local directory of Lightroom CC Classic.

      work steps:

      Local images of Lightroom CC Classic -> migration/manifest -> Cloud and locally in Lightroom CC >> delete local images and the local catalog in Lightroom CC Classic >> new catalog in Lightroom CC Classic >> Synchronize images from the cloud to the local folder of Lightroom CC Classic >> delete original images and/or change presets in Lightroom CC.


      The following workflow results:

      • iPad/Mobile Device Cloud Sync Lightroom CC Classic (local hard disk)
      • Import into Lightroom CC Cloud Sync Lightroom CC Classic (local hard disk)
      • Import on the Web (Cloud) Sync Lightroom CC Classic (local hard disk)

      Advantage: All images will be synchronized to the local hard disk after they are loaded in the original version. They are then available in the Lightroom CC Classic catalogue and can be provided with metadata and edited. The cloud is therefore always up-to-date and takes over the leading part for storage. Locally, you will find all the images in a catalogue in Lightroom CC Classic and have saved them locally as a backup on your hard disk. The images can be edited and tagged in Lightroom CC Classic as before.


      So much for the theory.

      Unfortunately, there is a problem which I only noticed after the migration.

      After the migration, all images were stored twice in the original version on my local hard disk:

      1. at the old location of Lightroom CC Classic = c:\My Lightroom
      2. at the new storage location of Lightroom CC = c:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Adobe Lightroom CC\Data\
      3. the synchronization status of Lightroom CC is (synchronized and saved)

      As my local hard disk space is limited, I deleted the images from the local storage location of Lightroom CC Classic and the associated catalog.

      Now I have created a new catalogue in Lightroom CC Classic and adjusted the presettings for synchronization as described above. Lightroom CC Classic now starts, downloading the images from the cloud and saving them to the local hard disk in the specified folder.

      Unfortunately I can't finish this process or only 1.092 of 56K pictures are synchronized. The reason for this is that in the cloud and ONLY in the web view (browser) you can see, it was not possible to synchronize ALL images. Many pictures and especially many videos have the status: synchronization of the file "xxx" was not finished. Open Lightroom on COMPUTER to continue syncing or in english version: Sync has not finished for file xxx. The app still reports "All up to date" and won't finish uploading the photos


      However, Lightroom CC on COMPUTER has the status: Synchronized and saved.


      ALL images and videos are available in Lightroom CC on local computers but many pictures and videos on the web (browser view) are not synchronized.

      Lightroom CC Classic cannot download the non-synchronized images from the web and does not receive any errors. Thus, Lightroom CC Classic synchronizes endlessly to the faulty or unfinished synchronized images in the cloud.

      The faulty images in the cloud are not visible on iPAD/CC mobile. The error appears only when using the browser of the computers.

      Other users report the same problem:



      Following questions from me:

      • Is it possible to find all incomplete images/videos by searching the web?
      • The cloud is the leading system for synchronization, excluding import. Is it possible to specify the "originals" stored locally in Lightroom CC as the leading system for synchronization and synchronize these backup files stored in Lightroom CC back into the cloud again?
      • Why didn't Adobe implement a simple hash matching of files to generally rule out such basic synchronization errors through file matching?
      • Do any of you have a suggested solution without deleting all the pictures from scratch?
      • I already reported the problem to Adobe Germany on November 13,2016. After countless calls and countless independent attempts, Adobe Germany 1st Level Support has forwarded the problem to 2nd Level Support on December 13,2016. To date, however, I have neither a solution nor can I be told if and when a solution is available. I would really like to work again but only in the Lightroom CC this is not possible. I need Lightroom CC classic … now.
      • Since I am missing more ideas and I still haven't received any answers from Adobe support after two months, I use this forum to contact the Adobe community and the Adobe developers... in the hope that there will be a solution.




      Thank you for your help!