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    Contact Form - Text not spanning width of text box

    Bishop2563 Level 1

      Hey guys Im working on a site Im almost done with. Ive just started working on the forms and noticed something alarming.

      Whenever you type a message in the form in the footer, the text you type quickly creates a line break about halfway through the text box, even though theres plenty of space left. It does this across all breakpoints, as its just 1 form on a master page.


      I have checked my muse file and cannot find any setting or property like padding or anything, no indents of any kind that might have been added to the form....

      I preview the page in the browser and businesscatalyst and the issue persists. Im not sure if this is a bug or if someone knows what i have overlooked?? Or a checklist to go through? Its driving me nuts and probably the last thing i need for the site.


      I have just finished exporting the site completely via business catalyst and i still see this issue. Even though I uploaded everything fresh.

      If someone could help me fix this that would be great. Problem persists on both of my forms right now, english and spanish pages.



      I have just noticed that in my "admin" area for the catalyst site, theres a section thats shows a "preview" of the form. Strangely enough this preview *also* shows the text box about half the length of the other input boxes, which reflects the issue im having with the form currently.


      Can somebody please help me figure out what is doing this? Thanks!!!


      URL: http://hesgon.businesscatalyst.com/index.html

      Screenshot of "Preview" in Admin section of the Business Catalyst Site Manager: Screen Shot 2018 01 05 at 2 19 09 PM — imgbb.com