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    Eclipse + Flex 3 SDK!!

      How can i use Eclipse and Flex 3 SDK together?
      Note: im not lazy ok?
      I already search on tons of sites about it, and i didn't found anything.

      I want to use Flex 3 SDK like in this site:

      I hope somebody help me.
      1 mounth trying to do this.

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          Ansury Level 3
          That is Eclipse with the Flex Builder *plugin* installed. To use it you just run the same old Flex installer, and select the Eclipse plugin in the options when it asks you (instead of the standalone).

          It sounds like you downloaded the SDK, and not Flex Builder. The plugin (just like the standalone version) isn't free. You can use the (free) SDK, which is just the library files needed to compile a Flex app, but if you want IDE support you will either have to wait for a free 3rd party solution or purchase Flex Builder.

          Using the free Flex SDK but not Flex Builder is like coding in Java with notepad. It's possible, but you'll probably want the IDE tools for anything serious.