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    Interactivity - Hover States Sticking


      I have developed a few interactive PDFs and within the past month or two began experiencing problems where the hover states "stick". Once exported to an Interactive PDF multiple users experience this issue across various platforms. I have looked into spacing of the buttons and file size and cannot seem to find a sustainable solution. There have been a few other posts but I have not seen a final work around or reason behind this issue.



      When there are multiple buttons on a page with hover states if a user hovers over the active area the button changes to it's hover state. When the mouse leaves the active area the button stays in the hover state. The only way the hover state is turned off is if you re-enter the active area and leave again. The problem is sporadic, does not consistently happen with specific buttons, and occurs across multiple documents.


      Any input would be very helpful!

      I have also posted this in the InDesign forum and they recommended I report here as well.