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    Puppet warp tool in Illustrator warps face tracking

    mre8 Level 1

      I was not sure how to word this, but here's what happened:


      I have a puppet (designed in illustrator) that is just a floating head.


      I used the puppet warp tool in AI to adjust the object on a mouth viseme layer. When I opened the puppet in Character Animator, it now stretches and weird ways when I use the face tracking in record mode (see attached). This is what happens when I lean my head to the side.  Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 12.38.05 PM.png


      As best I can tell, it seems like there is a fixed point at the top of the puppets head and the rest of the head stretches from that point. This is just a guess. I have not used pins and fixed points yet and have no clue how what I did in Illustrator translates to Character Animator.


      I deleted the layer in Illustrator that I had originally puppet warped, but the Character Animator puppet is still behaving the same way.


      Thanks for the help!