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    Communicating between two buttons




      I am designing a label which has barcodes. Since the barcode I am using is not supported by Adobe Acrobat Pro i am downloading the image and then using a button to import it as an icon. So it is setup that when i click on the button the image of the barcode appears.


      I would like to insert another button (button-b) such that when it is clicked it will import the image into my first button (button-a).


      How would i script this?


      My current code for button a:


      var a = event.target.buttonImportIcon("/C/Users/Downloads/" +full_name+ ".pdf")


      if (a == -1)


      app.alert("Barcode not found",1);




      if (a == 0)


      app.alert("Barcode found",3);




      button b: