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    Adobe Acrobat XI - Default Save As Location?


      For most people in our company (300+) when a file is opened from our network share in either Adobe Acrobat XI or Adobe Acrobat DC the default save as location is the same location that the file was originally opened. This makes it very easy to open a file, modify it, then overwrite the existing file.


      For one user the behaviour is the opposite - all files save to their desktop in their user folder. Even if I am personally signed into their computer (domain admin account) and open Acrobat XI and click on "save as" the default location is still his desktop.


      We have tried everything from uninstalling the software,  using the Adobe Labs cleaner tool (both the DC version and version 2 for acrobat XI).


      The issue started when the user was upgraded to Acrobat DC and then downgreaded back to XI.


      Is there some registry key or other setting we or the Adobe labs tools are missing? Protected View is disabled already and we have tried several other troubleshooting steps from this community.