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    Alternative mouths are not working

    Bockus1983 Level 1

      I seem to be having issues with triggers in Character animator.
      The buttons seem to work but the neutral mouth doesn't disappear, the mouths just appear over or bellow it.


      The first pic is how it is set-up and the second is the result






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          dianebecerra Level 1

          Your puppet structure seems to be fine from what I can see. For the main "Mouth" group, did you check "hide siblings" (might not be the exact wording, but it's the 1st or 2nd checkbox within the "Triggers (obsolete)" panel on the lower right hand side.

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            Bockus1983 Level 1

            Alright, this is weird.
            I have to do a combination of swap sets + the obsolete triggers to get it all to work correctly.


            I hope that Adobe can fix this weird bug. I do not see the point of creating this new way of functioning if it does not work


            Thank you for answering my question

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              TDFAP Level 2

              It looks like this might be happening because your neutral mouth is in a different group than the alt mouth. When you set up the swap set (which looks correct) it is conflicting because it is hiding the siblings in the alt mouth group (smile, and mouth sad) but neutral is not in that group. IDK your reasons for having it in a separate group, but try putting all the mouths in the same group, and see if it works better.


              You don't seem to be using the lip synch mouth shapes to do speech correct?