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    Can I import images with colour or star ratings?


      So, I've had a little search but couldn't find anything immediately. I'm trying to find out if there's a way I can import images with colour and/or star ratings. My main reason being that when I shoot a particular nightclub, one room wants all  B&W shots and the other all colour. To make this more manageable when importing I shoot for colour or B&W in camera.


      So when I import I'm hoping I to apply my preset but give the two different situations a different rating. Now I understand that the import is going to change my develop preset to the same for each one but at least it'll be easier for me to search by colour rating (say green) then select all and update the develop preset. Simples. But! LR Classic is not allowing that change for the images I've select and instead importing everything with the same develop preset making my work a touch more long winded than it needs to be.


      If someone can tell me if this can be done or not or maybe a work around I'd really appreciate it and I thank you all in advance for your support and please let me know if I've left out any vital information.


      P.S. I'd rather not have to deselect certain images and re-import. Since you cannot import two sets at the same time (like you can with exporting), this also makes life a touch harder.





      Mac OSX 10.13.2

      Lightroom Classic CC 7.1

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          Neox99 Level 4

          Apply during Import . . .

          Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 7.59.20 PM.png

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            MesherPhotos Level 1

            Just to be really awkward lol. I was hoping to not have to have separate metadata presets for various things and also to use colour ratings rather than stars. I use stars for favourite selection and to help separate into different albums if needed. Unless you can do that using the "label" section?


            Thanks Neox99 and sorry to be awkward lol.

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              WobertC Adobe Community Professional

              If you shoot in raw then all your photos will appear in Lightroom as 'color' thumbnails.

              If you can easily select the photos you want as B&W in the Grid view, simply press  keyboard 'V'- These are now B&W.

              Or choose a B&W preset in the Quick Develop panel.


              Or you will have to save two separate Import Presets, and select the images for the Develop Preset you want applied at import.


              If you shoot in JPG, then the camera set to 'Monochrome' will give you Mono images without any presets.

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                richardplondon Level 4

                It isn't possible to discriminate different sub-batches within a particular import set. The same import settings apply to the whole lot. And I don't know of any way to apply rating stars differentially using LR import - though that might be done onto the photos before import by some other utility. But if you are applying ratings there, you might as well apply a meaningful keyword instead to discriminate the different stages of the event and then you have the means of distinguishing the photos sensibly after import, in a more self-documenting way.


                However, there are many things you can do nonetheless even coming straight from untouched camera card into the computer and into LR using the Import (Copy) workflow.


                First, if you've set the camera to begin a new folder on the memory card at certain moments, then this will be helpful during import so as to differentiate the photos. Either for assisting you to import just one sub-batch at a time, or else getting reflected in the destination folder where the photos are then going to be filed. [Example. You have a destination folder pointed to - say, library / photos / 2018. You check the option to "make subfolder" within this destination and type next to that, the date and then the name of the overall event being photographed. You have "Organize" set to "original folders" and your camera card has "101", "102" etc folders - or whatever - for the different sections of the event. So the results are library / photos / 2018 / [2018-01-05 name of event] / 101, 102 etc. You rename these sub folders to be more meaningful about the event. Now you can very easily process the contents of each folder as a discrete batch, using whatever different treatment that segment of the overall event requires.]


                Deliberately importing photos in separate sub-batches rather than all at the same time, regardless of folders, may prove still more efficient overall.


                I say this because doing it in sub-batches, you can ALSO apply different specific keywording within the import window, perhaps different metadata preset, and also select a different develop preset to be applied at import, each time to suit. One sub-batch may get a preset which makes the photos arrive in LR as already B&W, and another sub-batch may get a different preset which leaves them in colour. All with keywords which will retain and explain a meaningful distinction of the different sub-batches through all contexts hereafter, including when images sit side by side inside LR, and extending even to future exports made from these images.


                Folders on the camera card may, if used, help you to define these sub-batches otherwise it's a matter of highlighting just a related group of images in the Import screen. Already imported photos will automatically get omitted regardless if you have "don't import suspected duplicates" checked.


                So then you can bring in the next batch with its own (as appropriate, different) keywords, metadata, develop preset. Different destination optionally. And repeat until done. There is nothing more to do at the batch level - you can jump straight to the individual image level. LR can have already begun generating previews for the earlier import batches, while you carry out the later import batches.


                Photos arrive in LR "ahead of the game" organisationally.

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                  MesherPhotos Level 1

                  Sorry WobertC, I think you've misunderstood. It's the ratings upon import I need help with not changing the develop preset or converting an image to B&W. Although, I never knew the "V" shortcut! I have the Loupedeck now so I guess there's no more need but still handy to know.


                  Thanks for your input.

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                    WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                    Thanks for reply- I think I did understand your question and the answer is exactly as Richard's post above-

                    It isn't possible to discriminate different sub-batches within a particular import set.

                    My thoughts were rather about how to 'discriminate' or treat your photos in Lightroom 'after' one import process.


                    It all "boils down" to this- Setting a Rate, Flag or Label to a photo has to be done in software, and it involves manually tagging, either before you import (using software other than Lr) or after you import (do it all in Lightroom)

                    So you can  either-

                    a) follow Richard's advice and do multiple imports to select photos for different Rate/flags/tags. or

                    b) Import all at once and Rate/flag/tag.


                    Hoping you get a workflow that suits you.