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    Photoshop brush strokes problem


      Hi everyone, I've got an issue with my brush tool in photoshop. Some time ago when I was drawing ilustrations with my Huion tablet, all of lines made with brush tool seemed sharp and clean, when I was using less pressure, lines just become smaller and smaller, till they couldn't be smaller, but they were still strong in color and they had full, 100 % opacity, but now when I'm using the same brush tool with the same brush presets, lines getting smaller only to some point, and then they get smaller AND less sharp and it ruins completely this inking pen/comic lining feeling that I'm craving for in my ilustrations. Do any of you by an chance know what can be the problem? I don't remember changing any of the settings in photoshop and I've already tried to reset my brush tool and even reinstall whole photoshop and nothing seemed to help..szkic 2.pngrightmost zigzag was drawn in Windows Ink, while middle and leftmost one were drawn in photoshop, the difference can clearly be seen. Also, gray lines in the back are all drawn with brush tool set to 100% hardness, just with less pressure, and thats what I'm talking about, they are gray and transparent, not pure black as before in my former drawings.
      For example look at this image I've painted about two weeks ago, and check the soliddnes of even the finest lines on the arms and near the eyestadpole smaller size.png