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    Need help migrating LR Classic CC catalog...


      I've been trying to migrate my LR Classic catalog to LR CC and am having a difficult time.  Originally, the process would fail, but by reviewing the error log I was able to determine the issue and solve those (some file paths had been broken).  Now I'm getting the following error.  The process stops at about 40,000 records every time I try.


      ********** ERROR CODE AND COUNT ***********



      ********** SOURCE FILE PROCESSING DETAILS ***********

      storeProviderID : C8416316-0263-4F6E-905B-41B4AA2C53C5

      Source DBVersion  : 0700003

      Number of absolute folder paths : 3

      Number of relative paths : 774

      Number of Valid folders : 174

      Number of invalid folders : 0

      Size of Valid Assets : 439386435822

      Number of assets : 40983

      Number of assets owned by sources. : 40983

      Number of missing assets due to missing files : 0

      Number of missing assets due to missing folders : 0

      Number of missing assets  : 0

      Number of virtual copies : 0

      Number of skipped virtual copies : 0



      ( ErrorCode: PROCESSING_ERROR )


      Error occurred during [

      Asset_stage_verification_pass : bad argument #1 to 'stringByAppendingPathComponent' (string expected, got table)  ].  Error Info : ^2


      I've searched extensively throughout the forums and other help resources, but cannot find anything to try that's related to the "bad argument" message.  I don't know what other information may be helpful, but I'm using LR on a mac desktop, as follows:


      macOS: High Sierra (v 10.13.2)

      iMac (21.5 inch, Mid 2010)

      Processor: 3.06 Ghz Intel Core i3

      Memory: 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

      Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4670 256 MB


      Any help in getting this accomplished would be greatly appreciated.

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi richardc,


          Sorry that you're not able to migrate Lightroom Classic CC catalog to Lightroom CC.


          Thanks for providing us a detailed post. Could you please review this similar discussion Migration fails with non-informative error message and let us know if the suggestions listed helps you in troubleshooting and resolving the issue?


          Also, check that you have the most recent versions 7.1 and 1.1 of Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC respectively.




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            richardc15314144 Level 1

            First off, YES I do have the most current versions of both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC.  And yes, I had followed the steps outlined in the link you sent me before contacting Adobe.  Just to be sure I didn’t miss anything, I re-ran those steps after you suggested it in your message.  Here’s what I’ve done:



              1.  I had a great deal of RAW files in my catalog (15,000) which I was going to eventually convert anyway, so I converted them all to jpg and deleted the RAW files from both Lightroom and my hard drive.  After that exercise, I am left with 50,000 pictures.

              2.  I made sure there were no missing files and all files within the path (the “Pictures” folder on an external hard drive) were captured in Lightroom.

              3.  I re-wrote all metadata to each file to be sure they were all in sync.

              4.  I made sure the catalog was optimized.

              5.  As per one of the recommendations in the link you sent, I made sure that all my images were on a single source (a USB connected external drive), my Lightroom Classic catalog file was at that same source, and the Lightroom CC folder was also at that same source.  I’ve included an image below showing my configuration.

              6.  The one additional thing I should point out is that the capacity of my computers’ hard drive isn’t adequate for all the images I have.  This is why I keep all my images on an external drive.  If the migration needs to write those images to the local hard drive it would not be able to because of the space limitation.




            Here is the error message I get.  You’ll notice that it only shows 24,493 assets but there are 50,000+ images within the Pictures folder that are in my Lightroom Classic catalog.




            The very last sentence in the log indicates the exact nature of the error.  If you can tell me what “string expected, got table” means, I’m sure I can figure it out from there.  Specifically, I’d need to know what the program is looking at in that part of the routine that causes it to fail (directories? Files? Etc.).


            I know from the link that I’m not the only one who’s experienced this issue, however there doesn’t seem to be an easy answer to how to fix it.  That link is pretty involved and has me jumping around from one site to another.  If there is a SINGLE web page that answers this question, please let me know.


            Also, I can provide any additional information you may need, so just ask.



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              I have the same error.


              Is anybody gave you a solution ?