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    Raw + Sync = help!


      Hi guys!


      I am new to the cloud based system and recently tried it out via my ipad and really loved it! It seemed to be working ok, I uploaded images on the desktop cloud version and they then synced fine on my ipad. (I also randomly got a couple of recent imports from my Lightroom Classic version although not all of them? Don't understand how or why it chose those, so question 1 right there!)


      Anyway I took some photos in RAW to play around with and uploaded them to my desktop cloud version but only 40 or so images out of hundreds were able to sync with my ipad. I paused and restarted the sync via desktop after a day or so and got another 40 come through and now another day later that's all it's managed to do. I also can't seem to create any more albums on the desktop cloud version which is possibly because it is still trying to sync?


      My Lightroom Classic is also not updating with the new albums added to the desktop cloud version, I thought that this would also sync but perhaps I am mistaken??


      Should I not be using RAW files (which seems odd) or is it an issue with something else? As far as I can see I have plenty of cloud and ipad space etc.


      Any help welcome! Preferably in a 'lightroom for dummies' kinda way!


      Many thanks in advance xxx

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What kind of upload bandwidth do you have on your internet? Test it at Speedtest.net.

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            Neox99 Level 4

            I could go into how FTP (File transfer Protocol) works with it breaking files into little pieces (packets) which are sent with Header info (address and other) attached. Those little packets can be sent all around the globe, passing thru many 'hops' (hubs - just black boxes used for routing). When they all reach their destination the pieces are reassembled into a file. If even 1 packed is lost or corrupt no good file is to be found at the destination.

            I don't even know if Adobe uses FTP for their sync system. I do know that the files sent from their 'cloud' to Lr CC for Web use HTTP for the down to our computer direction.

            1 file gets broken into many pieces to be sent to the Adobe cloud. Immediately that file is broken into another iteration of pieces for each device/pad/laptop/desktop it is syncing with. That's a LOT of pieces just for one file.

            Imagine the user who posted here last week complaining about sync issues when he was trying to sync 70000 + files from Lr Classic into the cloud system and back down to his other systems plus into Lr CC and Web on his desktop. That's millions of packets floating around the globe.

            POINT - ? Syncing like Adobe is trying to do is a VERY complicated process that will have a fair failure rate for many reasons.

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              selondon Adobe Community Professional

              RAW should be fine Molly, what camera manufacturer/file format though, just in case there is a slight bug.


              You can check what is in the sync queue by alt-clicking the Cloud icon (Mac at least).


              Although it sounds like bandwidth issue as Jao infers.