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    frame rate issue 24.218fps / 24.194 ??

    dmehalik Level 1

      Hi!  I'm having an issue with ProRes 422 footage exported from Avid Media Composer and wonder if anyone had thoughts.

      In the past, when I've exported ProRes and import into AE the file shows up automatically at the correct frame rate (I'm working at 23.976).  But suddenly my ProRes imports are showing up at 24.218 fps.  I can interpret the footage and it appears fine, but I don't understand why this is happening.  If I bring the same quicktime exported from the Avid into Quicktime or Davinci Resolve it shows up at 23.976.  I can't figure out what's going on and it's making me insane!  If I export SameAsSource or h264 from the avid, this does not happen.  If I drag the master source clip in (not from the avid, but directly from the desktop), this does not happen... even if it's a ProRes file.  I'd appreciate any help!  Thank you



      AvidMediaComposer 8.9.4