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    Cancelling subscription- impossible!

    davidl3435414 Level 1



      ive been trying to cancel my subscription but it is impossible. I signed up last year to pay monthly, for month by month membership only as my eye sight is fading fast and I ndidnt know whether it would last the year and I can no longer see the computer screen to use photoshop / creative cloud So I need to cancel it as I am no longer able to study or work part time to pay for the subscripotion. There's no telep number I can see anymore to talk to so,wine and when I try to use the website it just sends me around in circles. I don't know what to do as adobe keep sending me threatening emails about charging me for not paying my monthly fees but my bank card is now out of date and I am not allowed another one as I am now in so much debt as I can no longer work and study. Is there anyone at adobe  who can help me? My name is David loveridge and my email address is [Removed by moderator] Can someone from Adobe please respond as I am at my wits end worrying about this and I am feeling very stressed out and a bit suicidal with all this pressure you are putting me under. I never signed up for a full year, I just signed up to pay monthly for the reasons I mention above.  Please someone from adobe contact me ASAP as I am very concerned. I have received help in writing / typing this message as my eye sight isn't great anymore. thank you in advance. David Loveridge.