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    Brush Settings


      I was wondering if there is a way to get rid of the folder setting for the brush tool. I'm so used to the old way in Photoshop CS6 of just clicking on the brush and having them all show rather than them being in folders listed. I'm currently using Photoshop CC 2018.Capture.PNG

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Yes.  Select all the brushes in a folder, and drag them to empty space at the bottom of the panel.  Then right click and delete the group.


          Have a little play with the new management system before you delete groups.  How about making a new group, and dragging all your favourite brushes into it?


          That will remove the brush from the original, so you need to select a brush band chose new brush preset which will make a copy.  Drag the copy to your new group and you are good to go.  Restoring or loading the original brush group/set will place it in the panel with all its original presets.

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            brittanym6798 Level 1

            Okay. So I tried that and it worked but when I go to select a new brush (I have many) it puts the brush I selected from the list in a folder again. I really don't want to do the make a new group as I remember them better when I select the brush. I just don't want them to always load in a folder because I don't want to have a list of them. I just want the brush set I select to be there each time.