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    Charged for 5 months after cancellation!!


      Mid last year I stopped working as a contract designer and my Adobe Creative Cloud was provided by my new employer. I contacted Adobe Support sometime in April 2017 and went through the usual routine that I could not cancel immediately. The agreement which was reached was that I would receive 2 free months and would have to pay the monthly subscription until my contract ended in August 2017, and my account would be cancelled at that point.

      I have been going through my credit card statements and email accounts linked to my Adobe Creative Cloud account and to my surprise discovered that I have continued to be charged every month for a service that was meant to have been cancelled in August 2017. They have charged me for a further 5 months of usage.

      Today, when I contacted Customer Support through their chat interface, they went through the usual attempts to force me to continue my membership. I had to repeatedly explain that I have already cancelled my account, and that I would like a refund for the additional months that have been charged that I never agreed to.

      Eventually, the Customer Support Representative, Himanshu, agreed to cancel the account without charging any additional penalties. With further insistence that I was not happy about being charged for 5 months additional fees he agreed to refund 1 of those months. At this point I informed Himanshu that Adobe was completely at fault for continuing to charge me when I had done everything correctly in cancelling my account. I was disconnected from the chat at this point. When I tried to log in again I could not go to the Customer Support chat as my account had been cancelled and the chat told me I had to use the forums.

      This is absolutely unacceptable. Himanshu should have contacted me immediately through one of my contact details on my account to continue this conversation. Instead, I am now forced to go on a public forum and HOPE that someone at Adobe will read my email and respond.


      I would like the following from Adobe Customer Support:

      1.) A full refund of the 5 months of fees that were illegally charged against my credit card after I cancelled my account. You should have all of my account details attached to this account.

      2.) An apology for this mistake and reassurance that the bug that caused this billing error to happen will be investigated and remedied.