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    Moving Photos in AND OUT of Lightroom CC


      I've been a long Lightroom (now Classic) user and am interested in moving to Lightroom CC, but do not want to get "stuck" if I ever decide to leave Adobe. My current catalog is organized so all of my events are in an individual folder with a date attached, and all folders are organized by year (e.g. "./2017/2017-07-04 Fourth of July Party"). I shoot in raw which I convert to DNG, and then once I've done some developing, I export the finished album to jpeg using the same file structure. This way the files are organized on my drive and ready for sharing. This leaves me with two sets of folders for originals and processed which gives me some comfort that I can migrate to another photo program if I choose to.


      I get that if I migrate over to CC, I will be able to keep the organizational hierarchy I've created using Albums. Fine with me, sounds good. But what if I want to leave Adobe?

      Can I export ALL photos as originals and keep the folder hierarchy? Can I export all photos as processed and do the same? It's over 24k photos so I don't want to have to manually organize the files again if I need to leave Adobe for whatever reason. It looks like the local storage option uses its own db style organizational structure (makes sense for db management, but not for humans).


      Has anyone tried moving files out of Lightroom CC? Can I get some reassurances that this isn't a one-way trip?