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    AE Hides When I Click Finder or Any Open Window

    greg vannoy Level 1

      I just upgraded to OSX 15.00 today and prayed that this year-long issue would have finally been resolved. To my horror, it still exists.


      When you click the finder, desktop or any other open window or application, AE hides. This is not just an irritating glitch, it's a real problem when you need AE to stay active when you click something else.


      There are message boards saying this question has been answered by:


      1) going to After Effects CC > Hide After Effects

      2) clicking  the AE app to make it active

      3) going to After Effects > Show All


      This is not an answer. It is a workaround... and a particularly onerous one at that. It is not unusual for me to experience this issue several times in one day -- and that's after multiple AE reboots. It's a major headache. Does anyone have a real solution? Adobe, are you listening? Should I be posting this somewhere else to better reach Adobe's human element?