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    Can't Continue Supporting This Product (Photoshop CC2018) [LOCKED but I don't know why]

    Kittenkawa11 Level 1

      unbelievably bad, photoshop just keeps getting worse and worse, I've tried contacting support, the 'contact support' option brings me to public forums. I've had more problems with photoshop than nearly any other software I've ever had, and the updates just keep making it worse, and worse, and worse. most of 2017 was fine, though towards the end strange updates started occuring that completely changed my workflow, Go figure. the brush settings now bulges out my sidebar and never returns it, buttons can't be hotkeyed for 'REASONS' (I'm left handed, and have my pen tablet monitor to the left of my keyboard and use my right hand to press hotkeys, any other program I use allows me to hotkey, but photoshop? no, too good to allow us to use all the hotkeys). NOW the library opens itself every time I try to save a swatch, which, wouldn't be so maddening if, twice in the past two months all my preferences, brush presets, and swatches weren't completely wiped from my system. JOY.


      So, I've reinstalled my entire OS back to factory default, I've spent years working IT professionally for big companies so I'm no stranger to standard troubleshooting flows. But after all is said and done, this trash heap of a program we call 'Photoshop' is barely usable. this is past the phase of 'fix it' and well into 'I'm done'. GIMP is free, and they're striving for usability and functionality while photoshop only becomes more bloated, unusable and dysfunctional, I think I'll put my money on that, since it does everything photoshop does and more, without having to deal with the absolute headache that is this CC software.    


      Seriously, what is the point of the cloud? To me, the only benefits I can see behind it is lost in the fact that NONE OF MY PRESETS OR SWATCHES ARE SAVED TO IT. So it exists, literally as an anti-piracy policy, and a way to milk paying customers for that monthly Ka-Ching while Adobe craps out half-hearted updates that haven't been tested, or even thought out. If this company can't pull this program together, it's going to rapidly succumb to the competition that's coming around that is ALREADY producing better programs that don't require monthly classes and re-education to use.


      I'm done here, I'd drop a mic but, honestly, I'm the loser here, I've lost countless dollars to this company for a program that barely (if ever) works, shows no compassion or interest in it's user base, is very user unfriendly, (honestly, I work for myself at home and this program feels like abuse in the workplace), Adobe should be ashamed. Hell, I'm ashamed for Adobe; how on earth is this the premier photographic arts software?


      EDIT: Just adding, to make matters worse, this company is charging me 22$ to cancel a 10$ a month subscription, what on earth...