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    Sync library in 2 different PC


      Hi guys,


      I've installed the last version of Lightroom Classic on my Desktop PC and on my Windows Laptop. All my photos are stored on my Desktop hard disk and the LR catalog is syncronized with the mobile catalog.


      Now, I would like to sync all the web catalog with my laptop. Is it possibile? Cause when I open Lightroom on my laptop it ask me to sync that catalog instead of desktop catalog.

      - If I choose to sync it, when I re-open Lightroom on my Desktop PC I have to chose again if sync the Dektop library or not, like a sort of loop.

      - If I ignore the request my laptop doesn't receive the photos from the web.


      Is there a solution with Adobe resources or I have to use third part software like Dropbox?


      Thank you so much.

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          Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

          Only one LR Classic catalog can be synced with the cloud, so if your only objective in running Classic on the laptop is to access the synced images, why not use the LRCC desktop app on the laptop instead? That's the way I work it, i.e. Classic on my Mac, all my Classic images are synced to the cloud, so I can access them, edit them, organise them, etc. using LRCC on my Windows system (or use LRCC Web).


          If you specifically want to have Classic on both your systems, and both syncing with the cloud, then you'll either need to keep catalog an images on an external drive which you move from computer to computer, or yes you'll need to use something like Dropbox.

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            MaioGalaxy Level 1

            Ok thank you so much for your help.