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    masks are moving in cc2018

    bijouz Level 1

      I have this weird problem since upgrading to cc2018
      Sometimes when I resize an object , ( not even sure it only happens while resizing) the mask that is attached to it, moves!
      The mask gets totally messed up , messing up my entire composition.
      And yes, the mask is linked so that is not the problem





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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Can you explain in more detail how the mask moves?


          Are you using a mouse or tablet?

          Do you still have a selection tool selected when this happens?


          What I am getting at with the questions is that if you were using the lasso tool and made a selection, and then touched down with the cursor inside that selection, if you were using a tablet and moved the cursor, the selection would move with it.  It would do the same thing with the mouse, except that you'd need to left click.


          Could that be what is happening?  If not, lots of details please.  We know you are using CC2018, but what operating system, and anything else that might help us understand what is happening.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            If you are resizing the layer content is the layer mask linked to the layer content? Is there a link icon between the layer's content icon and the layer mask icon in the layers palette?



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              bijouz Level 1

              I work in windows 10. The layer masks are linked.I work with masks for a long time , so that's not the problem.I know how they work :-) And like I said, just having the problem since the upgrade to cc2018.Never had this in any version before.



              I have a layer with a mask and several adjustment layers on top of it linked to it.
              that layer with all it's adjustments I put in a folder
              i then select the whole folder and do a resize
              the whole mask that was on the subject got totally messed up.

              the layer was linked , and there were no selections ( also not hidden ones) whe I do the resizing



              the corner gets white borders , and other parts become white while the only thing I do is a resize

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                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                What are you posting these image for.   Can  you post them is some contractual way so we can see them related toe what you see in Photoshop.  Capture all of Photoshop's UI  image windows and layer palette and describe the Photoshop steps you are performing. What is your document structure what are you doing?


                Resize what layer? document? something else?

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                  norman.sanders Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                  Until you are able to solve the problem:

                  Dupe the layer that has the mask twice (Fig 2)

                  Choose the top layer and Layer > Merge Down (Fig 3). This preserves the masked layer; it is available for future editing.

                  Turn off the eye on the masked layer (Fig 4) 

                  Choose only the top layer, not the pair.

                  Resize. if that is your objective.