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    Flash Installation Problem

      I have a problem with the Adobe Flash Plug-in remaining installed under Vista SP1.

      I updated Adobe Flash to v9.0.124.0 under the built-in administrator's account and it works fine there. If I restart the computer it will remain.

      Not so under my user account. My user account is a member of the Admin Group and whenever I go to any news site, specifically cbsnews.com and abcnews.com and try to play the news videos, it always tells me that I don't have the latest version of flash player and redirects me to the Adobe site to get it. If I switch user accounts back over to the built-in Admin Account, it will play.

      Under my user account, I can reinstall the Flash Player and it will work for that session only. As soon as I restart the computer, it is gone again and I have to uninstall/reinstall Flash Player every time to get it to work.

      It is interesting to note that I do not get the error on all pages hosting flash. Some web pages that I know have a flash object on it such as an simple advertisement display OK, but anything requiring a player where I have to hit a button to start a video fails every time.

      I’ve checked the security settings in IE between the 2 accounts and they all appear to be the same. I’m lost on this one.
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          I have the same problem and guess what, it's the weekend and nobody will even work with this until Monday!
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            gdoliver Level 1

            Glade to see I have some company on this. I notice now more people are posting about this issue. Maybe an Adobe White Knight will come forth and save us all from this frustration!
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              gdoliver Level 1
              Are there any Adobe Professionals montoring this forum? We can really use your expertise in helping us solve this frustrating problem!
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                griffin2003 Level 1
                Submit this to support in "contact support". I did. They have to set up a case number and clear the issue with you. They only are avaliable during regular business hours.
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                  gdoliver Level 1
                  OK, I'll give it a try since it appears we are not going to get any help here. Let me know how your experience turns out.
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                    gdoliver Level 1

                    I think I figured out what is causing my problem. IT's Vista's UAC!

                    I am a member of the administrators group on my computer. Today, I tried to so something simple... like drag & drop a file folder from my desktop to a location on my "C:" drive and UAC would not let me!!! Said I needed admin privilages to do that, so I decided that I had enough of UAC and disabled it. Then it occured to me to try the flash after that and sure as heck, it worked great without me having to do a reinstall!

                    If I did not earn my living from supporting Microsoft stuff, I would trash Vista!
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                      griffin2003 Level 1
                      Thanks! That worked like a charm.

                      I still think Adobe should fix it. This is a release that goes to probably 80% or more of the Vista base and most of us either don't know how to do this or just expect it to work. I think releasing something like this just before July 4th weekend is sign of poor software development. The last version of Flash worked just fine with UAC on, this version should too. If this were some small software ourfit releasing a little used utility Iwould give them a break. In this case, it was a world-wide coordinated release of the reader and the server to solve a security problem and now we have to turn off UAC to fix it? Give me a break!
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                        gdoliver Level 1
                        I hear you and understand totally what you are saying, but I'm not as sure as you are that the root cause of this problem is Adobe… at least not yet. If your 80% statement holds true, then logic tells me that we should be seeing a lot more disgruntle user in this forum complaining about this problem. But the ones I'm seeing can be counted on 2 hands. I think we have some type of unique conflict going on.

                        I did not put a ticket in yet because I had already solved my mystery, so now I can work around the problem until a more permanent solution can be found. If your ticket is still active, it would be interesting to hear what Adobe has to say after you tell them what you discovered. I turned UAC back on and the problem came right back, so I turned it off again.

                        Being a software developer and technical support professional, I’m inclined to believe at this stage that the problem is rooted more within Vista then Adobe giving the amount of various complaints I’m still hearing about Vista plus my own experiences. My Flash player was working fine until I loaded SP1 and I think I had already had the latest version of Flash installed.
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                          griffin2003 Level 1
                          My flash player was working fine after the SP1 update. I read some information about Flash 9 that implied that there was a coordinated release of server and client software. I first encountered the issue when going to a car dealer website.

                          I have kep the request open. I added a comment about your discovery of the UAC and they still sent me the standard reply message about uninstalling and reinstalling Flash (which I had already done).

                          I have then discovered that reading the permissions of the Flash directory that a message pops up saying the the permissions are out of order and may not work as predicted. I sent that to the customer service log.

                          later, I edited the permissions of the Flash directory and windows provided a button to reorder the permissions. I ensured that the permissions matched that of the Macromed directory. This did not fix Flash and I added an additional note to the service request.

                          So far, I have only received the initial standard response from Adobe. Yes, I could leave UAC off, but I do not use Flash that often. I did out of completeness try the uninstall and reinstall once again to make sure I didn't do something wrong, but nothing changed.

                          Flash works fine on the two Windows XP machines we have, even with Firefox, which I have on one of them as an alternate browser.

                          I will let you know if anything comes from this.
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                            I also had the problem of not being able to install flash player on vistasp1, very frustrating. After reading the post about disabling UAC, i did this, and, it works. I used the adobe uninstall tool, did evrything i could think of then disabled UAC, rebooted and installed flash player. Happy days!! yay!!
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                              griffin2003 Level 1
                              Once installed, Flash will work or not depending whether UAC is on or off. I have been able to disable and enable simply by turning UAC on and off. If Flash is installed with UAC on, it will continue to work until you restart or re-login to your computer. So far, I have discovered that there is something that Vista does not like about the permissions of the Flash directory in System32 and the permissions of one of the Flash entries in the registry. I addition, the number associated with version 9 in the registry is very different than the numbers for previous versions.

                              I have kept my service request open and they have asked one additional question so far.
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                                griffin2003 Level 1
                                I have discovered two things about this problem since my last post.

                                First, the problem can be resolved by going into the registry and changing permissions on the version keys to allow users to read them.

                                I added Users Read permissions to the following keys:
                                HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MacromediaFlashPaper.Macromedia FlashPaper

                                This now allows me to run IE7 without administrator privileges and have Flash work.

                                Secondly, since then, my hard drive failed and I rebuilt the system on a new hard drive from scratch. When I did this, all the problems went away. Something else must have caused the original problem.
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                                  gdoliver Level 1

                                  It worked for me. Thanks for staying on top of this.

                                  I am in agreement with you that something else must have caused the original problem because mine was working at 1 time until one of the many updates we get wipe mine out. I think SP1 was the source of my problems.

                                  Oh well, it's working now so that's all that matters.

                                  Thanks again and have a good weekend!
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                                    The same problem affected Adobe Reader 9 as well as Flash 10 on my system, requiring a reinstallation after every restart. I followed your method and added user permission to the registry files you listed; plus I added the user permission to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash10 file, since I have Flash version 10,0,22,87 installed. I also added full permission to the administrators account since that is my account and now everything works after restart without requiring an uninstall and reinstallation proceedure every time I try to use the programs.

                                    Adobe Reader is also functioning normally after the user permission was added, so VIOLA! two birds with one stone! Now when do you think ADOBE will clue in to this fix?? I got ZERO help from them, and over a week passed with no response to my issues. I hope they have better customer support for their premium products than they do with the free ones! I'm thinking twice about adding anymore adobe products to my machines!