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    Moving file from desktop into a folder in Lightroom

    lukea13 Level 1

      Hello I am using Windows 10 and Lightroom Classic. I recently edited a photo in the develop panel and for some reason it moved that picture out of the folder and onto my desktop. I was hoping that I could just click and drag it back into the folder when in library mode and grid view. I tried this and it showed the little + icon by the image like it was possible to do so but I cannot find the image in that folder now. I tired to "add or move" it as well but import was shaded out and would not work when clicked on. Is there an easy way to get that picture back into it's folder and prevent future photos from being moved after editing?


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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          There are NO Folders IN LR.


          LR is a Database program and only References the images you import into the LR Catalog file, a Database file, from where they are stored on your hard drive.

          You can Move or Copy images from where they are stored on you drive while importing them into LR or you can leave them where they are by using the Add option at the top of the LR import window.


          Usually you would Copy images off a cameras memory card and place them in a folder of your choosing on your hard drive.

          If you have images already on your hard drive that are not already imported into LR you can use either the Add, Move or Copy options when importing to either just add them to the catalog, Move them from where they are to another folder that you choose while importing or Copy them to to another folder of your choosing.


          Take a look at some of the LR tutorials on this website. Scroll down to find ones on importing and using the LR catalog.


          Julieanne Kost, Principal Digital Imaging Evangelist, Adobe Systems, Inc.

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            dj_paige Level 10

            If you tried to drag and drop the image (inside of Lightroom) to another folder, then it should be there. Perhaps you moved it (accidentally) into the wrong folder. You will need to do a search inside of Lightroom to find the photo. Follow all of these four steps in order:


            1.   In the Lightroom Library Module, on the left, under Catalog, click on All Photographs

            2.   Turn off all filters (Ctrl-L once or twice)

            3.   Turn off all stacking (Photo->Stacking->Expand All Stacks)

            4.   Search for at least one of these photos by file name using the Lightroom Filter Bar


            Also, importing (or syncronizing the folder) WILL NOT SOLVE THIS PROBLEM.


            This is so important, I am going to say again.


            Importing (or syncronizing the folder) WILL NOT SOLVE THIS PROBLEM.


            Other advice: putting photos on your desktop is NEVER a good idea for use in Lightroom. Moving photos from here to there is also not recommended. The better method is to put the photos into their final resting place (whatever folder you want) straight out of the camera, so additional moves are not needed. Instead of moving photos from here to there to achieve organization, use keywords and other metadata to organize, not moving photos from folder to folder.

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              kentdesign Adobe Community Professional

              Basically you need to think of Lightroom as a hub that directs traffic. Don't move photos manually to your desktop or anywhere else. Keep you image files like DJ_Paige said - in their "resting place" i.e. one location where they stay. Then use LR to call an image up, do your editing in Develop module, etc. If you want to send an image as a jpg, use the export feature in LR. Your original image does not move at all. LR exports a jpg with all the editing data you have applied and sends that one to your desktop, to email, to any folder you designate. Hope that helps.

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