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    Cursor sometimes changes to Windows one when drawing on a layer with a mask

    CaptainLola Level 1

      I've come across a rather peculiar bug(?). When I make a lot of quick strokes in Photoshop with the brush tool, my (circle) cursor sometimes changes to the default windows one. But the WEIRDEST thing is, this seems to be an issue ONLY when I'm using a mask.


      I've recorded a short video to help demonstrate the issue.

      (OBS captures the cursor in an incorrect position btw, everything works just fine - it's just a recording issue. Pay attention to the flickering Windows cursor that appears below the circle when I'm drawing on the masked layer - that's the problem. I also show in the video that everything looks just fine when I make quick flicks on a normal layer that isn't a mask)



      video: Brush bug - YouTube



      My hardware/software/specs:


      tablet: IntuosPro S

      software: Photoshop CC 2018

      GPU: AMD Radeon RX480 8GB

      OS: Windows 10


      I've recently updated Photoshop to the latest version, my GPU drivers are up to date, too, as are my Wacom drivers and OS as well. !