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    Why can't I no longer import photos into my external hard drive using Lightroom CC External Portable Drive without a second copy of my RAW file being created


      I use an external hard drive to store my photos. I don;t like smart previews and always work from my external hard drive. However, I am having problems importing from my hard drive in the library mode. I've been doing this successfully for years- with only one RAW file being left on my hard drive. And have spent hours trying to work out what on earth I am doing wrong.


      I open Import select the folder I want to import from.

      Then select the photos- the only option available is copy- which is always the case when using an external drive.

      I used to be able to see the folders and files I had imported and I have many folders, with successfully imported photographs.

      Now I can no longer seem to do this without generating a copy- the RAW files are big so I dont want to do this.


      Can anyone point me in the right direction.



      All help gratefully received.