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    new iPhone results in all images in Camera Roll reuploading to Adobe Cloud


      I recently replaced an iPhone 6 with an iPhone 8.  The 6 had "Auto Add Photos" turned on, and this was working as expected...the images were syncing to Adobe Cloud and to LR Classic CC.


      I set up the iPhone 8 by restoring from a recent iCloud backup of the iPhone 6, so all settings and the photos on the 6 were carried over to the 8.  When opening LR CC on the 8 for the first time, I needed to log in to my Adobe account again.


      As soon as I logged in, the iPhone 8 started to upload ALL the photos on the 8 to Adobe Cloud and then to LR CC Classic.  But all the photos had previously been uploaded from the iPhone 6, so I had many duplicates as well as "new" photos (that were photos I had deleted from within LR CC Classic).  This is fixable, but will take me some time.  It also was cumbersome to deal with the fact that the iPhone 8 had more than 20GB of photos/videos on it, so during the upload process I needed to delete videos to make room for the sync to complete.


      Is there a way to avoid this, so that when a new phone is purchased, LR CC doesn't see all the photos on the new phone that were transferred from the old phone as "new"?