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    RAW 9.6 shows B&W image->PSE15 imports color but layer thumbnail is B&W


      This is a recently occurring problem.  When I load a (Sony) .arw file into PSE15 it, of course, goes through Camera Raw (9.6) first.  All of a sudden, the image that is  showing  in CR a BW image.  Moving sliders makes changes, but they are shown on the BW image.  I can then "Open Image" to send to PSE and the resulting image is ,an adjusted, color image in PSE -- however -- the layer thumbnail is still BW.


      I have removed the current PSE15 program (Via Control Panel Add/Remove Programs) and reloaded my original D/L version of PSE15 and it still behaves the same.  I have only 1 GPU (Intel HD Graphics 3000) and have not updated the driver recently (driver date 5/26/15), so it is unlikely that the GPU is an issue.  And to my knowledge, I have not made any recent updates, other than the ones from MS.  (System is Intel I5 running Win7 X64)


      I have searched this forum and found one similar problem mentioned, but with no solution, and only one somewhat unclear response.


      Any thoughts would be appreciated.