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    Windows 10 64 Bit + Nvidia GTX 1080 + Photoshop CC = No 3D


      Hi there.

      After may hours scouring google search results looking for a solution to my problem ith Photoshop CC - i'm completely stumped.


      I was using Photoshop CC quite happliy on windows 8.1 until my SSD died.  Having lost the windows 8 disk, I installed windows 10 64bit onto it, and then re-installed all my software.

      I have 2 Nvidia GTX 1080's - and I cannot figure out how to get Photoshop to actually let me tell it to use the graphics card acceleration.  Everything is greyed out - all the 3d settings, performance settings for Graphics Processor Settings.


      It has blank under Detected Graphics Processor, and Use Graphics Processor is greyed out.


      I have checked windows updates, and GEForce drivers - all up to date.

      I don't know what else to try other than go back to windows 7.