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    When migrating my catalog to LRCC it "reset" all of my images!!!!


      I am really frustrated.  either with myself for doing something stupid or with Adobe for an unintended consequence of migration.  Over this weekend I have been migrating my catalog to the cloud as part of joining LRCC.  Going back into Classic, all 20,000 of my images have been "reset" to how they came into LR in the first place.  For the 700 that I am currently working on, I went into the history for each image and set the image on the step before "reset", then I had to wait while the message went to the cloud and came back before I could reset the next one.  It took me 3 freaking hours.  I am hoping that there is a fix that will keep me from having to do this manually for the rest of my valuable (to me) images.  HELP!!!!! please!