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    Saving and sharing


      Hello all,


      sorry if i missed topic about this issue i'm having. I was looking for answers for couple of days now, and i did not find any solutions that would work...

      So any help would much much appreciate and any sort of help...

      What i'm making:

      I'm making a form (Acrobat XI pro) to be filled and saved(constantly), and that anyone on the network could open it and view it or fill it if necessary. This file would be used on daily basis on local network.


      Problem(s) i'm facing:

      1. After i finished making form, gave it a name(as you normally do) shared on the network. After you open the file(Reader DC - because that's what we will use for filling and saving) and fill necessary information (on the pc where it was made, or other pc in local network), when you press SAVE, acts as SAVE AS (that's not good). I want to be able to save as same file not as new one, as time saving and issue as follows:

      2. So.... i tried to SAVE AS function to overwrite existing file with same file name (keep in mind that file is shared on local network) so after i done SAVE AS'ING files disappears from network. Checked security setting under properties of this file and instead of for EVERYONE it changed it self to bunch of different and random numbers and letters.......


      As much i looked on internet i did not found anything related to security issue, and about saving file, there is bunch of basic tips how to save.

      Is there anything to do with pdf FORM it self ?


      Any help would be much much appreciated!


      Kind regards


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          meenakshin83966505 Adobe Employee

          Hi Gediminase,


          Sorry for the delay in response.


          Please find below the answers to your query:


          1. In Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, the "Save" feature is not available. You can only save a copy of the PDF using the "Save as" option.

          When you make any changes to file, you will see the "Save" option will be available. However, it will work as "Save as" only.

          This is an as designed behavior.


          2. As you have mentioned that the file is shared on the network. When you open the file and save the changes, do you save it to the same location?

          Do you save changes to the same file or you save as the file with a different name?

          Also, please let us know how exactly you are sharing the file on the network.

          It would be helpful if you share the exact steps you do.


          We will be waiting for your response.

          Let us know if you have any questions.




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            gediminase87 Level 1

            1. Too bad, that this kind of simple and all time used action is disabled in DC...

            2. When is shared on network i OVERWRITE existed file with same file name, and then sharing messes about. I share over folder properties for EVERYONE-READ/WRITE option selected, so everyone could makes changes and save this file.

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              Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              1. This happens when the protected mode is enabled in Acrobat Reader.