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    Import Issues


        I keep trying to import some photos and a warning message pops up and won't let me import the photos into Lightroom.

      "The following photos were not imported because their paths contain backlashes"

      Just wondering what is wrong and if I can fix it. I can import into Camera Raw but not Lightroom.

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          DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

          With ACR there is no import per say the raw file is opened. On the other hand Lightroom has to import the raw files into its data based Catalog file, this is done via a number of options, add, copy, copy as dng, move.

          If you are copying or moving, this requires saving the raw file to an alternative location / folder and that error refers to that process. You may need to correct the path or select an alternative location to copy the files to.

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            What OS are you using?


            AFAIK a Back slash ( \ ) or even a Forward slash ( / ) is not allowed in a FILE name with either Mac OS X or Windows. In Windows the back slash character is for separating folders in a PATH.


            Like C:\FolderName\SubFolderName and so on.


            Simply remove the back slash from the File Names.