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    _STILL_ no Motherboard for my X299 Build! :-(

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

      I paid a deposit from my 7900X build at the end of October last year, but the components are taking forever to arrive.  Just before Christmas the builder was just waiting for the motherboard, an ASRock Fatal1ty x299 Professional Gaming i9, and I thought surely it would have turned up by today when they opened after the Christmas break.  No such luck.  My builder's supplier is apparently still waiting, which means nothing. OK this is New Zealand, and I did ask them to change to the XE version with the bigger VRM heatsink, but what the heck?  Newegg NZ shows it in stock and even mentions a limit of five per customer, so what could be causing the hold up?


      Anyway, excuse my rant, but I felt the need to vent, but I'd appreciate feedback on other people's experience with ASRock X299 boards.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Well after nearly three months of waiting, I've just been informed that the motherboard should be with the builder tomorrow, so I guess I'll have the new build early next week.  I now have to whip the GTX970 out of my current build, and put its original GTX570 in for my wife to use, so I'll be down to two screens in the interim.  Thank bloody goodness.  It's been one heck of a wait, and I really can't think why there was a problem seeing as every supplier I looked at was showing stock.


          I'm looking forward to juggling three systems and moving drives between cases etc.  I have all HDDs and externals out of the old build, and it comes to some weight!  One completely non related to Adobe apps I have just discovered is that you can upgrade an Office 365 subscription going from one computer for $6.99 a month, to five computers for just $9.99 a month.  That is something of a relief because it means my wife will still have a full Office install when I give her my old system.  Her Q9550 system with 8Gb is incredibly slow, and the OS was reinstalled last year.  She is going to see one heck of a difference with my old 3930K with 32Gb, even with the GT570.  She doesn't do any sort of content creation.


          I'll run Bill's PPBM on the new build when I get it all sorted, but it's going to be what is now a very average 7900X build running stock, and with a last generation GPU (for the time being.  I'll look at upgrading the GPU later this year after waiting to see if anything comes regards a gaming version of Volta, but I am reluctant to pay the price of a GTX1080 over the 970 I already have with the possibility of a next generation GPU some time this year.