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    small PNG file result in BIG file size

    kaka manman Level 1

      I have 2 PNG files, 1 small & the other one is a almost double in size:

      820x2188px and 2188x1500px, both 72dpi

      both are "save as png" in Photoshop CC 2018

      (the file is for printout so I'm not using "save for web" this time)

      Logically the 2188x1500 one should get bigger file size, right?

      but 2188x1500 results in 772kb, while 820x2188 got 1.51mb, which is unbelievably big

      why PNG so big.jpg


      the 2 PSD files are made by 2 people, but they both have the same settings.

      Does anyone have idea why is the smaller PNG result in bigger file size??

      thank you!